Dear Daddy.

“…Yet not my will, but yours be done…” Were the words of the song my talented friend, Manuel shared with me. I played this song twice back to back, and it occurred to me. I’ve done it with my own strength for 24 years(damn I’m almost 25😦) of my life. I think it’s about time for me to give it to you. And I mean give it all to you. To let your will be done in my life. So here is my letter to you daddy.

Dear Daddy,
Its Lilian..😊. Daddy this afternoon I just want to be transparent with you. I know you know my heart. I know you know what I desire. I know you know it all. But father, let not my will be done, but yours. Father all my life I thought it right to control certain situations in my life. I taught myself that it is the only way to make it, by planning everything to the very detail. But I’ve realized nothing works without you. You have allowed me to fail, to mess up, to fall…but u always pick me up, you guide me back up, and in your infinitely wise plans, you orchestrate things in my favour. I’ve never known such love and grace. I’ve never been happier. You deserve it all. Father, I know I get stubborn, I get disobedient, I get unreasonable, I get vulnerable, I get stingy, I get selfish, I get inconsiderate, I get vulgar, amongst others, but you never leave my side. What a friend I have in you, daddy! Yes, I make mistakes, I do all these things but that’s because I’m 3/4 in deep with you. I want to be all in. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, let Him take up personal residence within me. Let Him help me understand and interpret your word and guide me into all truth.  Just as in 1 Corinthians 12, Holy Spirit give me the manifestation of the Spirit, a prophetic gift, the ability to distinguish between spirits, to work miracles, various kinds of tongues and the interpretation of tongues… Amongst others. Just as in Gal 5:22-23, Harvest the fruits of Spirit in me: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. Perform miraculous functions within me, and please Holy Spirit dwell within me and never leave or forsake me. All in all let Your ultimate will be done, and not my will.
Heavenly father let your purpose prevail, because I know it’s not about me. I know you have plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future. Father remind me always that it’s not about me. You choose who you choose, and it’s not necessarily the strongest, the smartest, the best looking, the most gifted, or even the most righteous. And finally, God please reveal things to me in your word.


5 Replies to “Dear Daddy.”

  1. My dear Lilian, God has heard your prayers. I love how you were so honest with this and it’s an honor that you chose to share this very personal moment with us. God bless and lead you on your journey!😍


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