My s🌻mmer 2016 checklist✔☑✅☑

This summer, there’s a lot I want to do. Well like every other summer…… Sighhh! Hopefully I’ll be successful this time. Last summer before I turn 25!!!!! Let’s make it happen😊😊😊

1. Workout everyday
2. Learn a new summer cocktail recipe…I.e. probably take a mixing class.
3. Organize a wine and paint night with my girls.
4. Eat healthy…. Emphasis on that.😂
5. Read at least one book a month.
6. Go swimming… You know I need it, with all this summer heat.
7. Visit at least 2 new states.
8. Spend more hours of my day reading and studying the word of God.
9. Take long walks.
10. Drink lots of water.
11. Blog more… Hopefully advance to getting my own website.
12. Try a new look… New hairstyle, new color…maybe?
13. Pray more… Like my life depends on it.
14. Go rock climbing…. Well this will be checked off in a few weeks.
15. Do a photoshoot…. yeah I knoww. *Fingers crossed*
16. Pray about It🙏
17. Get my LICENSE!!!!….shhh don’t judge me.


2 Replies to “My s🌻mmer 2016 checklist✔☑✅☑”

    1. Oh Lord knows I should’ve included sleep, because I need lots of that. Haha. Nice, concise list. I pray you’re able to check all of them off by the end of summer.😊


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