Self reflection…09/20/16

I am very grateful, amazed, and just dumbfounded with the immense growth I see in my life, and this all began once I decided to give God a try. To let go and let God, LITERALLY!! And not only did my spiritual life evolve immediately, but it affected all other aspects of my life. I mean…ALL!! I did not realize it at first, until I couldn’t find any other reason for things that were happening in my life. I couldn’t answer questions truthfully about the grace and favour upon my life without acknowledging the major role He had in it all. I can try to give myself the credit for the evident growth in my life, but sorry, I’m no liar. I cannot recognize myself anymore, because I never pictured this for myself. 01/01/16 was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Life has not been peaches and cream, but I’m enjoying this process. I think what is most amazing is the fact that all other aspects of my life were starting to come together as well: my career, my family, my relationships, my finances, my purpose. It was like a wildfire; it just spread across my whole life when the first match was lit(when I decided with God). Be encouraged, all you need is just that one step, and then it all comes together. The TIME IS RIGHT 
Colossians 1:17 – He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

13 Replies to “Self reflection…09/20/16”

  1. It’s like wild fire, it spread across my whole life when the first match was lit! Wow!! I just love this!…may i borrow your words sometime😅?
    It’s glorious.
    The hardest decision yet the most rewarding!!
    God bless you sis, may you continue to grow from grace to grace.

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    1. Yes indeed He does! He makes all things new and beautiful. And it’s such a beautiful experience. I pray everyone gets to experience that as well. I’m glad He didn’t leave me nor forsake me and helped me get back on track to follow Him when I fell off the wagon. I would do it again if given the chance!! God bless you 😘


  2. God knows all. I’ve learned over the years to just wait because eventually, the prayers are heard and answered one way or another. Thanks for such an encouraging post! You are an inspiration!😃

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    1. He truly does! I think with growth as you walk together with God, you get to that point where you realize you just need to wait because He always answers prayers. Thank you so much, I’m glad sharing my experience inspires you. God bless you😘

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