Studying the word

Hey awesome readers! I’ve been working on this section for quite a while now, and i apologize it has taken quite a bit for me to send out the first post. Well I have been praying and waiting for direction, which is part of the reason, and of course life just stood in the way. Regardless….we’re here now! 🙂 I am so excited about this because i have a vision of where i want this blog to go, or where i see this blog going, and this is one major building block towards that, so i am super excited 🙂 SO a brief summary of this section is basically a study of the word: stories in the Bible, Bible verses, people in the Bible…amongst others. So let’s get right to it!

I deemed it fit to begin by studying or pin-pointing a few steps i believe could help you to effectively study the word and/or share the word with another person, hence the title.

Ultimately, as Bible believing, Christ following Christians, our main purpose is to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). So tonight i just urge you to look within yourself. Are you making disciples? How many disciples have you made in the past week? Don’t get me wrong, i am not here to condemn you for not making disciples, but to make you aware of our responsibility to do that as Christians. Often times, we think it is the duty of the pastors, bishops, deacons, archbishops, and even our parents. And i believe a resounding reason would be because we are not fit enough to do so. Tonight, i want to change your mindset if you fall within that category.

In order to share/read the word with an unsaved neighbour/ even just a friend, all you need to have is a humble heart, to be open and willing to share/read with a friend. But the key thing is that you let THE WORD do the talking(The Holy Spirit has promised us illumination of the word)

The guidelines are as follows(FYI this is just something to help get you going):

  1. Pray and invite the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  2. First pick the Chapter/verse,Book you want to study.
  3. Ask yourself, or discuss…are there any hints of context in here? While these books were being written, it had a meaning, so look out for the back story/context.(Eg. Was Paul in Prison? Was Jesus in Jerusalem?…location?…etc)
  4. Ask, what does this passage teach you about God?
  5. Discuss, what does this passage also say about us as humans?
  6. Ask, what does this passage teach us about Jesus and the gospel?
  7. Are there commands to be obeyed in this passage?
  8. Are there sins to be avoided and confessed in this passage?
  9. Are there promises to believe?
  10. What truth stands out to you most?
  11. Who can i share this with tomorrow?

I hope this helps get you started! Try it out and i hope it gets you going. I pray that even as you have taken time out to read this post, may God place within you that burning desire to want to study His word. Ultimately, lets try to KNOW His word, SHOW His word, and SHARE His word.

I love you all!

God bless you!










4 Replies to “Studying the word”

  1. Bless you dear for sharing this! Very necessary especially when people have attributed this call to ordained pastors in ministry forgetting that we all are a royal priesthood in Christ Jesus and the Matt 28:19 scripture also never said “Go pastors” but rather “Go
    This means that we have been charged to win souls if we are believers.
    People give excuses why they can’t do that and some are that they don’t have enough words to speak! But the truth is it’s not about us but God and so once you are willing He will lead you.
    If we go with our own practiced words we will be making just noise because our words are just sweet and enticing but carrying no power.
    Conviction comes from the Holy Spirit as we speak the word of God.
    All we have to do is avail ourselves, pray, study the word and share, it’s God’s to cause a change in someone not us so let’s stop giving excuses why we can’t share.
    God bless you dear once again to starting this🙏.

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  2. Some excellent points in here, Judy. Especially good is the one about staying in context. We can wander off the path quickly when we don’t see all the bible has to say on a topic. Good post!

    Steve 🙂

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