This Prayer 🙏🏾

Almighty God, I thank You for the gift of Your marvellous Word. As I have spent the past ten days studying the remarkable story of Esther, I pray that it will not just be a study, but it will be something that I live by from now on.

I know that You have given me a purpose, just like you gave Esther. Help me to walk in that purpose and understand how to fulfil it for Your glory.

Lord, I desire for the virtue of obedience to be embedded in my character and to be led by Your Spirit that I may receive uncommon favour as a result.

Holy Spirit, help me to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer, to be totally dependent on You! Turn my life around for the better like you did in the lives of Esther and Mordecai. Let everything that I am going through be used for Your glory.

Lord, break me and build me up again, so that my character, speech and conduct reflect You! Make me man/woman of integrity, humility, patience, obedience, courage and passion. Be at the centre of it all Lord and let my destiny be fulfilled.


– YouVersion Bible App

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